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BrainSpaces Inc. is a consulting practice promoting best practices and brain-based considerations in the planning and design of learning environments.

The formation of BrainSpaces resulted from a 20+ year career dedicated to creative thinking. Applied to education, learning and architecture, creative thinking can result in innovative environments that encourage every learner to experience the joy of discovery.

Integrating architectural expertise and educational perspective is a unique strength of BrainSpaces to seamlessly assimilate both educational and physical components of this complex scope of work into a comprehensive, coordinated and accurate set of tools for use and implementation by the design team of architects and engineers. Understanding both educators and architects allows for an accurate translation of educational goals and needs into clear and effective direction for the project.

It is our strong belief that this is the key to superior educational facilities, and the work of BrainSpaces is in direct response to this belief.


every child deserves to experience the

joy of discovery

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BrainSpaces, Inc.

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