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We are proud of our record of the relationships we’ve built, the clients we’ve supported and the students we’ve delighted through our work.  Here are a few comments we’ve received:


“When I look around the school and see students exploring their ideas with the same curiosity as they explore the building, I find myself saying out loud the same thing I say when I see a bolt of lightning in the sky.  ‘Wow, did you see that?!’

- Brian Amsler, Assistant Principal, Lincoln Middle School (whose new mascot is ‘Lincoln Lightning’)


“Amy has done an extraordinary job of listening, creating, revising, and designing for our needs. She is very adept at soliciting feedback from people with competing ideas in a way that allows for participation, but not domination.”

- Carol Comeau, Superintendent, Anchorage School District


“It was brilliant of you to give everyone an opportunity to speak. I was so pleased to see the interest the community had in the project.  People were so glad to be able to have their voice heard.”             - Dr. Roberta Taylor, Superintendent, Schiller Park School District 81


“In planning our school, Amy led many activities that engaged our stakeholders – even the non-supporters – and opened our minds to the many possibilities for the school building itself to support learning.  She led workshops that solicited and documented ideas from every middle school student in the building.  The level of involvement had a lasting impression on our students and staff, and it helped us see that our ideas and concerns could be addressed through thoughtful planning and design, in ways we hadn’t thought of before.”      - Tina Stavrou, Principal, Lincoln Middle School


“ Ms. Yurko brings energy and enthusiasm to the challenges of design.  Her international experience with school projects and various educational philosophies have provided her with the ability to share different perspectives and innovative solutions.  A couple of the core values of our school district are to emphasize the human connection with stakeholders and to maximize learning opportunities for every child. Amy embraces these concepts and developed creative new solutions for each project.                                                         - Dennis Auker,  Laramie County School District #1


Amy’s work is exemplary and, most importantly, she provides a pathway for design professionals who are truly interested in providing quality environments in which teaching and learning occurs.  For Amy, learning and teaching are similar endeavors for connecting with others. Most importantly, Amy relishes the opportunity to provide, implement, and share knowledge with others.  These are the qualities of a true planner. She is not afraid to listen, share, and learn. Amy is a true professional who not only has had impact on our profession, but more importantly is an inspiration for all of us who aspire to contribute positively to world in which we live.

- Peter Lippman, AIA. CEFPI International Board Member


Amy, I’m sure, would characterize our working relationship as “expecting excellence” from her, and she has always provided her very best effort in a professional, engaging and creative capacity.  The results of her efforts have been used to implement positive learning environments for the most important client - our students, as well as the wider “village” which it takes to raise them.  This result is, in part, from the methodologies she uses that not only synthesizes the educational plan, but consistently informs the school district and community with a deeper understanding of the rationale supporting the plan.

- Mary Cary, AIA, Facilities Department, Anchorage School District


“Ms. Yurko has impressed me with her overall superior performance as an educational facility planner, and her relentless drive as an advocate to continually improve educational facility designs, while keeping the design focused on the learner.”            - Robert Bechtold. Matanuska-Susitna Borough Public Works Department / School District


Thanks for the outstanding experience and your guidance in showing us the power of this highly collaborative process to work toward innovative solutions”

– Roger CayCe, Director of Facilities Management/Building Commissioner, St. Louis Public Schools


“Your expected level of quality is one of the reasons we have continued to be pleased with your service.”            – Rob Balivet, Design Manager, Anchorage School District Facilities


“Amy’s outstanding and innovative work on educational facilities has established her as one of the most creative educational architects practicing today”

– Esther Cox, co-author of NASSP’s Breaking Ranks, Changing an American Institution


“Thanks for all of your assistance – I learned a lot from you and thought you did a great job leading the group through the process.”

– Donna Wood, Lewis Palmer School District


 “Thanks for your help on our renovation project; it sure is good to have your expertise on board.”                                               

                                                                            – Rick Porter, Laramie County School District #1


“You are bright, talented and thoughtful.  A real pleasure to work with.  We’re destined to do more great projects together.”

– Victoria Bergsagel, Architects of Achievement/Gates Foundation


“I really appreciate all of the thought and detail in your work! The process definition and concept development look great and represent [us] well.” 

– John Nichols, Los Angeles Unified School District


“[Amy] helped our team take a fresh and unencumbered approach to the challenges and opportunities that the new site and student enrollment presented. I felt that there were actions, comments and suggestions [she] made that forced our group to get out of our "comfort zone".                                               – Ellis Kaufman, Los Angeles Unified School District


“I was most pleased by the obvious commitment to the 'student and teacher' experience that you demonstrate.  Linking learning trends to environmental issues/impact is a message that needs to echo more and more in national planning discussions.”                                                          – Christian Long, Teacher (past CEO, DesignShare)


“We're honored to have your participation on the design jury.” 

–  Joe Agron, American School & University


“The AIA Board of Directors s very happy with the work you're doing and supports it wholeheartedly.”

– Miguel Rodriguez, AIA

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