Your vision for education should drive the planning and design of your school facilities. The language of school design and construction can be foreign to educators - and the language of educators can be misunderstood by architects. Our team bridges these two languages to ensure that everyone is heard and understood. When the design team has a better understanding of your vision, their designs can be more tailored to your unique educational needs.
Millions of decisions must be made throughout the process of designing school facilities. Alignment of these decisions with your goals is key to your project success. Our team will help you make decisions that maximize the educational value of your finished product.
Every aspect of the environment sends a message - from the proportions of spaces to wayfinding to colors and textures. We can help you curate your message to align with your vision and goals, down to the tiniest of details that are easily overlooked.

At BrainSpaces, we plan schools for today and tomorrow that inspire meaningful learning opportunities for all students.

Owner's Advocate

Planning and designing a school can be a daunting task. Conveying the needs of your teachers, students, families and community to the architects is an essential first step. But ensuring that those needs are accurately interpreted and translated into the final building - everything from ceiling clearances to floor finishes to furniture and equipment - is often a larger challenge requiring focus and attention that school personnel don't always have time to offer.  Even the best of visions are meaningless unless if not evident in every detail of the final product.  As both architects and educators, our team is uniquely suited to advocate for your vision, ensuring accurate interpretations throughout the design and construction processes.  As your advocate, we can maintain the design team's focus on what is most important to you, saving you time and energy as you navigate the design and construction processes.

Our work recognizes the balance among all aspects of educating students including student achievement, curriculum, assessments & standards, school leadership, operations & management, staffing, technology, community building, public support, facilities, and the rapidly changing global environment.

Our process includes strategies for decision-making that allocate resources where they will yield maximum educational value.