We believe that every element of design sends a message.

What would you like to say?

who we are

Educators & Architects

BrainSpaces Inc. is a consulting firm promoting best practices and brain-based considerations in the planning and design of learning environments. We are architects and educators who understand, explore, design and enhance links between learning & the physical environment.

what we do

Plan & Design Schools

We engage the expertise of students, educators, and communities, and we apply research and theory with real-life insights from across the country and around the world.  Our approach provides our clients with fresh ideas and innovative school facilities that truly support learning.

where we excel

Inspiration & Action

Integrating architectural expertise and educational perspective is a unique strength of BrainSpaces. Understanding both educators and architects allows for an accurate translation of educational goals and needs into clear and effective planning tools for our clients’ school projects.

our passion

Powerful Learning

At BrainSpaces, we are passionate about learning. Together with the communities we serve, we explore options, generate new ideas, and provide tailored solutions, which result in school facilities programs, plans and designs to transform your educational vision into physical facilities.