What We Do

What do we want our schools to BE?  How well are our facilities supporting us? What changes could be made to better support our learners?  What are the smartest ways to make these changes, given our current context? 

These questions should be posed as you consider the future of your school, your district, and even the wider community.  At BrainSpaces, we believe that a thorough exploration of questions such as these will provide a solid foundation to enable thoughtful and actionable decisions regarding your school facilities.  Our process, whether implemented as a menu of services or a comprehensive pre-design effort, will help focus your decision-making on those areas that can maximize educational outcomes and value well into the future.  Join us!

The process and services required for each client and each project vary widely and are tailored for every new venture. Accuracy, efficiency and consensus are achieved through a variety of strategies which can include interactive work sessions, tours & virtual tours, research, surveys, interviews, individual and group conferences and discussions.  Existing District, state and national guidelines and standards also vary and are referenced and incorporated as required.

What’s Important in School Planning

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