Amy Yurko, AIA

Educational Facility Planner

Amy is both a licensed architect and educator who applies brain-based strategies to the design of learning environments. Founder of BrainSpaces and internationally recognized planning expert, and Amy brings over 30 years of experience combined with fresh ideas and insights to every project.


Sallie Y. Means, AIA, ALEP

Educational Facility Planner

After nearly 30 years owning a full-service architectural firm and multiple client types including pK-12 and higher education, Sallie achieved ALEP certification.  She brings her wealth of experience in architecture to ensure school planning ideas are actionable and buildable.

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Kelley A. Tanner

Research & Communications

With an ability to connect with a diversity of people and perspectives, Kelley is a valuable team member. She is known for her no-nonsense, approachable style, her innate ability to listen, and her ability to embrace multiple viewpoints to achieve successful consensus within school communities.


Our Extended Resources

Each client is unique, and projects may require additional related services. Our team includes additional experts who can step in as needed to help solve all your project needs.

Bill Latham

Educational Environments Specialist
Picture of Victoria Bergsagel

Victoria Bergsagel

Education Specialist

Lucy Gray

Educational Technology Expert