Elk Grove USD pK-12 Ed Specs

Elk Grove Unified School District had recently completed a facilities master plan to address the technical needs of its over 65 school sites which serve roughly 63,000 students in preK through high school and adult education.  Prior ed specs, completed in 1995, were outdated and nearing obsolescence, and the master planning effort identified substantial resources required for the maintenance and upgrading of existing facilities, and to accommodate current and future growth.  Development of new ed specs were commissioned to help tighten the alignment of district educational facilities with its vision for teaching and learning in the 21st Century.

The process of developing District-wide Ed Specs included efforts to articulate a vision for facilities. The facilities vision was translated into Guiding Principles which
serve as a measure of success for any facilities project that uses the document.  Guiding Principles shown below are detailed and articulated in the body of the ed specs.

  • Occupants enjoy Safe, Healthy, and Nurturing Environments
  • Each school campus is an active Source of Community Pride
  • Integration of people, programs & spaces promote collaboration
  • Innovative Physical Characteristics inspire learning
  • Outdoor Connections reinforce experiential learning
  • Effective Technology Tools and Resources are readily available
  • Adaptable Environments support resiliency of facilities over time
  • Diverse Needs of all occupants are supported and celebrated

To develop the comprehensive and actionable new ed specs for EGUSD, BrainSpaces collaborated with Concordia and HED.

A slider of excerpts from the document: